Australian Red Cross Blood Service - Blood Buds

Blood Buds came about from the very simple insight that doing things alone (like donating blood) for the first time can be scary. The simple act of having a friend who's been there before can be a huge comfort and a strong motivator to get out there and give it a go.
The Blood Buds website connects those who have given blood before with those who want to donate.
On visiting, users are asked whether they are an existing or prospective donor. Both paths take the user to a Facebook Login screen resulting in different functionality: 

1. Existing donors are logged into a database and encouraged to share their donor status on social media.
2. Those wanting to donate are provided with a list of their existing donor friends (and friends-of-friends).
    They can then get in touch with these friends via direct links to each friend's Facebook profile.

As a utility, Blood Buds is part of an 'always on' strategy. Supported by yearly bursts of social media promotion, the Blood Buds database continues to grow at a steady rate and has already been credited with a sizeable increase in donations.

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Facebook Connect screen
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